Little Dog still needs help- UPDATE

Little Dog

We have finally gotten the Little Dog  we rescued over the pneumonia and bacterial infection  that was resistant to antibiotics. A BIG THANK YOU  to all who helped by sending donations!!!!! 

But now there is a mammary gland tumor that needs to be removed. To prevent more mammary gland tumors from forming she also needs to be spayed.  Because his poor little dog almost died under anesthesia last time, it will be a risky surgery. A complete Blood work-up needs to be done before the surgery.  In addition, she has very bad teeth. It is pretty much a good cleaning that needs , but it is essential since very dirty teeth can cause a variety of much more severe problems.   She is now almost strong enough to get this work done and we need help funding it. Please Help!

Donations can be made directly to the veterinary office for the Little dog called “Pom Pom”at the veterinary office.I am happy to supply you with the contact info and address for the veterinarian.   Please e-mail me at : for that information.

Donations can also be made via paypal to , or by clicking on the TIP JAR on the right hand side of this page. Please help us with the final phase of her rescue, she is such a sweet and deserving dog!