Little Dog Update

Tuesday The Little Dog had surgery.  She had a mammary gland tumor removed, was spayed and had eight teeth pulled – Poor Little Dog!!! Needless to say, she is ONE HURTIN’ PUPPY! The cone on her head makes her look even more pathetic.  We took it off so she could sleep last night, but had to put it back on today.  Every time she moves she groans in pain. This is especially sad for me because she was feeling so good for the first time the day before the surgery. She was running and playing and especially happy.

We put a lot of money into this dog and still need help with her bills. We really put ourselves into hock for her. But, she is worth it.  Thank you to all who have donated thus far! Feel free to pass this blog along to your animal loving friends who might consider sending a donation or to Fox Wood Wildlife Rescue, Inc 11156 Old Glenwood Road, East Concord, NY 14055  donations are tax deductible

Little Dog