Another Special Dog : “Sammy”

Sammy is an abuse and neglect case.  He is still shy because of the abuse and wouldn’t have done well in a shelter atmosphere, so we brought Sammy to Fox Wood! We LOVE him!  He is so sweet and easy going. Sammy will get his shots, worming and be neutered shortly. Sammy is a clearly a Border Collie mix and will make some lucky adopter a loving companion. If you are interested in giving Sammy, or even Herbie (posted prior below) a forever home, please contact Fox Wood!



Herbie is the newest rescue at Fox Wood.  We are working very hard to socialize this Aussie mix puppy who was caught in a fox trap in January.  Given his behavior and state of health we assume that Herbie had been living on his own for a long time.  He was only four months old.  He loves the other dogs here and is very confident when they are around, but still doesn’t trust humans and is very shy around even us. He started Puppy School Tuesday and should be an interesting case, as his first day was spent cowering in the corners and crawling under anything he could get under. Hopefully Herbie will reach a point where he can be adopted by a dog savvy family with another dog or two to play with.

Flat Stanley Visits Fox Wood

Celebrity figure Flat Stanley stopped by Fox Wood Wildlife Rescue Saturday February 7th for a brief tour.  He enjoyed the opossum and  was relieved that the skunk saw him as a “friend”. He found the foxes and coyotes quite curious. Thank you Stanley for including Fox Wood in your whirl wind tour!

Stanley and opposum

Stanley and fox

Stanley and coyote

Stanley and skunk