About Us

We are a small  501 (c)3 non-profit organization, and our facility in Western New York is licensed and accredited by the USDA.  We are not a zoo, but rather a safe haven for the animals in our care.  Fox Wood was established in 1993 and has been helping animals in need for over thirty years. We are a small family- based group who have a passion for helping animals.  This is our hobby.  We love to “give back” to nature for all of the gifts she has given us.

Fox Wood is different from many other non-profits. First and foremost, there are no paid employees. Every dollar donated goes directly toward saving and supporting the animals brought here. Historically, our President and Founder, Elise  always worked a full-time job plus a part-time job to support herself and her work with animals – always pulling a tremendous amount of money out of her own pocket to pay the bills herself when money was short. No salary or reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses are ever drawn from donations.

One thing Fox Wood will not do is exploit animals to raise funds. Our sanctuary is strictly for the comfort and rehabilitation of the animals.  You won’t see our animals at malls, festivals, fairs, or other public events because we believe this is uncomfortable, stressful and exploitative for the wildlife who are shy and secretive by nature.  Our animals are not put on display for the public here either. We believe our animals deserve the privacy and comfort of their homes here.  Our free public presentations are done with PowerPoint using many photos taken here by us.  Fox Wood always  puts the animals first.

Elise Able is the founder and president of Fox Wood.  Elise has a life-long passion for helping injured, sick and orphaned animals.  Her hobby is rescuing animals, and to do this, she became a New York State and federally licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator in 1992. To increase her ability to help animals, she became a  licensed Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator in 1994.  She has the unique ability to capture even the shyest domestic and wild animals. After decades of studying and hands on experience, Elise  is considered an expert and an advocate for foxes and coyotes. Elise gives needed advice to people who have lost their pets or who have wildlife questions.