The Poor Little Dog Recovers!

Little dog

Thanks to everyone who donated, the Poor little Dog is now fully recovered! When we were called to the City of Buffalo Animals Shelter to pick up Athena, the “wild” Bengal cat, we couldn’t resist taking a quick walk through the dog kennels to see if there was someone else we could save. In the very first dog in the kennel was a pathetic little Pomeranian mix that looked very much like our little “Foofye”. She was very sick and we were told not a good candidate for adoption. We pulled a few strings and brought her home the next day. Even though she was taken to a vet right away and put on antibiotics, her pneumonia worsened. She also had extremely bad teeth, a gum infection, a mammary gland tumor, a broken tail and a urinary tract infection. She also needed to be spayed (particularly because of the mammary gland tumor). After several weeks of different antibiotics, a test was performed and it revealed that the bacteria in her lungs were resistant to most antibiotics. After several more weeks and almost losing her, a miracle happened and she recovered from the pneumonia. When she was strong enough, we had her spayed, removed the tumor and had eight bad teeth pulled. Since then she has doubled in weight! Her eyes sparkle and she is full of energy. The little Pom is working hard on the potty training and we are hoping, for the carpets sake that this catches on quick. Any ideas out there?