Treating Sarcoptic Mange in Red Foxes – Short Version

What you will need:

Bravecto Chew for a dog , a piece for a ten pound dog. Can be divided from a larger chew. For example, the 22-44 lb size can be divided into 4 pieces and treat 4 foxes!   Can be purchased without a prescription outside of the USA online!!!   One single dose will treat the fox, and protect it for three months.  Slip the piece inside of a nice warm meatball.

or, you can use Ivermectin Injection for Cattle and Swine 1% Sterile Solution. You will need to give the fox multiple doses of this orally over the course of a month or two. Since Ivermectin stays in the body for 4 days, once every 5 days for one month will work.

WARNING!  Use ONLY the INJECTABLE Ivermectin NOT the “POUR ON”, as the agents for carrying the pour-on through the skin are highly toxic if ingested! If anyone tells you differently, they do not know what they are doing! Do not use the Horse wormer paste!

WARNING! Ivermectin can be deadly to collie breeds of dogs, such as Collies, Shelties, Border Collies, Australian Shepherds and high mixes of these breeds.  Please be sure before you treat a fox, that there is no chance one of these breeds can have access to the medicated food or medication.

14 or 16 Gauge needle and 3 ml syringe
1 package frozen all beef meatballs
Dry Cat food

Step 1: Put Dry cat food on the ground in the same place every day for the fox.
Step 2: Heat up around 6 frozen meatballs, and inject each meatball with 0.2 ml Ivermectin
Step 3: Place 1 treated meatball on top of the cat food, place the other meatballs in the refrigerator.
Step 4: Every 5 days, place another treated meatball on the cat food. Do this for 3 weeks.
Step 5: Every 10 days place another treated meatball on the cat food. Do this for three more weeks.
Consideration: If you are not sure the fox is getting the meatball with the medication in it, or there are more than one ill fox, put one meatball on the cat food pile, and toss two other treated meatballs in different directions, about 50 feet from each other.

  Agri-Mectin is a generic injectible ivermectin available on  It comes in a 50 Ml bottle for roughly $32  it contains enough Ivermectin to treat hundreds of foxes, so it will be plenty!  When you purchase the Agri-Mectin or any other bottle of Ivermectin, it comes with a rubber stopper that you will need a syringe to draw the liquid out.

Here are the best blunt needles and 1 mL syringes available on  to use :  1mL Syringe with 18Ga 1.5″ Blunt Needle and Plastic Needle with Matching Cap (Pack of 10) .  They are a 1mL Syringe , so you can easily measure 0.2 Ml, just draw the ivermectin to the “.2” near                                        the opening of this syringe.  You just need a drop!