Little Dog Needs Your Help!

Little DogLittle DogWe rescued a very sick, unwanted and unloved  Little dog from the City Shelter in early September and she desperately needs your help!  We spotted her among all of the pitbulls at the shelter and knew that she wouldn’t last long in that environment. Though we took her directly to a vet before even getting her home, She is still fighting a very tough case of pneumonia. We have already spent  all of the funds from our fundraiser to try to save her. We  know that her life is worth saving, and we also know that few people would have  the heart and dedication to save her. Anyone who has ever saved animal lives knows that we can’t save them all- but there are some that we CAN save, and so we must. It makes a difference to that individual.  Unfortunately we don’t have the funding  and resources that large organizations have and we simply won’t give up and opt for euthanasia because we don’t have the money to save her.  Please make a donation to help us save this young 6 lb dog. E-mail inquiries welcome. Paypal donations can be made to Remember, Fox Wood has no paid employees or overhead. Every dollar donated goes directly to help the animals, not to pay employees, utility bills or perks, etc..  Donations can also be made directly to the veterinarian working on the Little (yet unnamed) dog. If you would like to do this, please e-mail me at for details.

Little Dog