Update on Twister, the Border Collie

As you many of you know, I adopt the dogs from work who are not claimed by anyone. Quite often dogs who are unclaimed have behavioral issues, and this is why they were abandoned. Twister is no exception. After being returned by two adopters because of his extreme issues, I have invested a large amount of money into professional training for Twister. Because some of his issues are related to inherited traits of the breed, it is a very complicated situation- there must be a balance between understanding his drives, and reeling them in to make them less extreme and his behavior more acceptable. Our ultimate goal is to make Twister a more adoptable, well mannered dog that can be placed in a home suitable for his breed. He needs an active farm type home with other Border Collies, and an experienced Border Collie savvy owner. I would appreciate any donations that folks could make toward Twisters continued training sessions. If you would like to donate toward Twisters rehabilitation, you can donate through paypal at foxladye@yahoo.com. Donations can also be mailed to: 11156 Old Glenwood Road, East Concord, NY 14055. be sure to specify “Twister” on your check and that donation will be applied directly to his fund