Trixi Humanely Euthanized at 16 yrs.

TrixiIt was clear Friday morning that Trixi’s time had come.   She had lived a long, happy and useful life here at Fox Wood, being a foster mom for lonely orphaned wild fox pups.  You should have seen the babies reactions when Trixi entered the pen every Spring! They loved their new Mom and she loved them back.  It was often difficult to get Trixi to eat enough during the summers and she would always lose weight because  at feeding time, she would pick up the food and give it all to the babies rather than eat any herself.  Trixi would always get a bit depressed at the end of summer when the pups were taken to the soft-release site.  What a wonderful fox she was!  We will never be able to replace her as the loving Momma to the babies.  God Bless you Trixi!

Baby Beaver!

Baby beaver

Fox Wood has a new baby! Check out the adorable baby beaver that was orphaned by nuisance trappers called to destroy his parents.  Soon he will be swimming in one (or all) of our three ponds. We are hoping that we will be able to acquire a second baby beaver to raise with this one.  Donations toward our new beaver enclosure are appreciated. See another Picture in our Animals Needing Sponsors Folder!

Pee Wee

Pee Wee

There are lots of Fox pups in need this year! One in particular is Pee Wee,  a male fox pup that  at 8 weeks of age only weighs 1.5 lbs and is developing very slowly.   He is very tiny and in need of constant care. Pee Wee  came in  quite malnourished and the beginnings of metabolic bone disease.  It is a challenge keeping him alive and well.  Donations toward Pee Wee’s care a greatly appreciated! Donations can be made online via PayPal

Itty Bitty Pups in 2008

Fox pups

Foxes are having trouble this year!  I am getting calls from all over the country regarding fox pups in trouble.  I am not sure if it is because of the visibility of my website , but people seem to more in tune with wildlife and know if they are in real trouble or not.  Thank goodness for technology and the age of digital cameras!  I call it “e-habbing” and I am not sure if I am the first person to coin the term “e-habbing” or not, but digital photos can be a real asset to determining the urgency of a situation.  I am very impressed with the quality of the photos of foxes I get. All the way from mothers and pups to body parts and dead animals. See the photo of the little head injured pup I have. He is very sweet and will not be releasable but hopefully will be able to live a high quality life at the Maine Wildlife Park

Blind Fox Pup Needs Sponsors!


Sponsors are needed for our new fox pups this spring. So far, all of the pups are special needs pups.  One female pup, whose finders called her “Foxy” is blind.  The animal eye specialist that we took her to says that she doesn’t even have pupils. You would never know that she is blind by the way she navigates around the pen with ease- jumping on logs, pouncing on insects and trying to coax the other pups to play with her.  She is truly an amazing little girl. Sponsors are needed for her as she will need continuing medical care as well as a new home built for her – she will be staying at Fox Wood permanently.  If you would like to sponsor this little fox, donations can be sent via paypal to we will promptly e-mail you a photo of her and you will be added to our newsletter list.