I Think I Saved This Fox’s Life

Wow! Thank you Jim from New Jersey for sharing your wonderful story about saving this fox with Sarcoptic mange using the guidelines we created and posted on our website. Please check out our article about using Ivermectin to heal You truly did save this foxe’s life, and are an inspiration to others who also want to do something for a fox in need <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Check out our facebook page as well

I Think I saved this fox’s life.

I live in Northern New Jersey in a small town only about 30 minutes from New York City. Because my property backs up to a 1,400 acre “Green Acres” preserve, seeing lots of wildlife in my yard is not at all unusual.

In early January this year, a red fox showed up on my front deck.  The previous Spring I had a female and her three kits living in an abandoned woodchuck burrow under this deck so seeing a red fox out there not a surprise. What did surprise was how sick he looked (severe loss of fur and numerous sores on his body).

I did some research and found an article on your web site, “Treating Sarcoptic Mange in Red Foxes”.  Following the advice in the article, I ordered the Agrimectin and the recommended syringes.  I began leaving a small amount of dog food and some hamburger twice a day to attract him to the same spot.  Every third day I would inject the dog food with the Agrimectin.  “Mangy”, as I named him, came like clockwork.  I also set up a couple trail cams to make sure it was Mangy that was eating the food.  By mid February I could see a definite change with all the bare spots filling in with fur (though his tail still looked a bit like a “rope”).  By the end of February, even his tail started to show signs of fur growing on it.  I stopped the medicine around this time but still left him some food so that I could monitor his recovery and make sure the mites did not come back.     

He looked quite healthy through most of March.  I then stopped feeding him so that he wouldn’t become dependent on my food and would hunt for himself.  He still came back at least twice a night or early morning to check for food for several weeks.  Now he comes maybe every three or four days. 

I’m sending a series of pictures.  The first five are from early January when I first began to film him.  The second five are from mid to late February.  The last is from April 20.  They are screenshots from videos so they are not as crisp as a regular photo might be.  I think I save Mangy’s life.  Thank you for posting that article.

Jim from New Jersey

January 2, 2020 coing for food daily, receiving Ivermectin, and this fox really wants to live!

January 10, 2020 Already the redness of his skin is resolving, sores starting to close and heal
Febuary 1, 2020 REceived another treatment, feeling a LOT better, Than you Jim!
Feb 27, 2020 Still getting meds, killing any mange mites that may have hatched as treatment continues
February 28, 2020 a spring in his step!
February 2020 skin is healthy, fur is growing back !
Wow! looking great! growing his fur back slowly
April 2020, looking and feeling very healthy and relieved, ready to move on! Thank you, Jim!