Merry Christmas to all!!

2006 Fox Wood Newsletter

Here is our annual Christmas letter in a pdf download.  We can’t possibly put in the stories of all the animals that Fox Wood has helped this year, but you will get a good idea of what we do.

This time of year is considered “The Slow Season” for wildlife rehabilitators, mostly because people aren’t finding baby bunnies, baby birds, fawns, etc.. However, it is still a very busy time and an expensive time for us because a lot of animals are more actively searching for food, or excited because the breeding season is starting soon and they are getting hit by cars or shot.  A lot of animals that are hit by cars are not killed, but suffer broken limbs or head injuries.   Slow down when you see those eyes reflecting light on the side of the road.

Have a safe Holiday Season!

Check out the Fox Wood Newsletter, and  enjoy!