Vote for Bear and Foofye!!!

Foofye Bear

“Foofye! Foofye! Foofye!” The crowd roars and there is thunderous applause as The Little Dog takes the stage, center field at SuperBowl 2007 for the half-time show!!! 

Well, at least that is how we think it should be, but until her Big Break into show biz, Foofye would sure appreciate your votes for “Cutest Dog”

Please check out this dog contest and vote for “Bear” too, he’s our Great Pyrenees entered in the Working group (though we are not sure exactly how much actual work he’s been doing lately…)   We rescued “Bear” in Fall of 2005 from a shelter in Kentucky where he was slated for euthanasia.  What a shame it would have been if this magnificent dog had been killed.  He has very heavy scarring on both of his front paws where he was held in coyote, possibly wolf traps for days.  His left  front paw was nearly severed.  After being in three bad homes in Kentucky, “Bear” has found his forever home at Fox Wood , where he is gentle protector, guide and companion to us and our other dog rescues.  You can vote for Bear by clicking on the link above for the Dog Show USA contest and clicking on Bear for a five star rating. Don’t forget, our Little Dog “Foofye” will be entering the “Cutest Face” category, so if you have a moment,  check out Foofye in the “Cutest Dog” category.  You will also enjoy checking out our photo gallery photos of Foofye too…  :0)  AND… If you go to and do a search for “Foofye” we will bet money that our Little Dog is the Only “Foofye” out there!



FoofyeThank you!!!