Fox Wood Rescues a Pot Bellied Pig

We are always up for a challenge, so when we heard about the Pot bellied piglet that had escaped from the Springville Auction, we sprung into action. The pig had been loose for three weeks and had already been very lucky that the weather was mild, but its luck would soon run out.  It had been sleeping in a patch of woods at night and rooting for food in the cemetery by day.  No one could catch it and it was wary from being chased.

I decided that a humane trap would be the best thing to try first.  Three traps were set up in the area and baited with a trail of cookies.  By the second day, we caught our little pig!

I have learned a lot about pigs, including how intelligent they are.  We have been having fun getting to know this little guy, who is yet unnamed.  More photos will follow, but for now, here are some photos taken of the little guy when he was “living in the wild…”

Pig in wild

Pig in cemetary