Blind Fox Pup Needs Sponsors!


Sponsors are needed for our new fox pups this spring. So far, all of the pups are special needs pups.  One female pup, whose finders called her “Foxy” is blind.  The animal eye specialist that we took her to says that she doesn’t even have pupils. You would never know that she is blind by the way she navigates around the pen with ease- jumping on logs, pouncing on insects and trying to coax the other pups to play with her.  She is truly an amazing little girl. Sponsors are needed for her as she will need continuing medical care as well as a new home built for her – she will be staying at Fox Wood permanently.  If you would like to sponsor this little fox, donations can be sent via paypal to we will promptly e-mail you a photo of her and you will be added to our newsletter list.