More reasons Why There Are Coyotes in Your Neighborhood

Another reason why there are coyotes in your neighborhood is because people are feeding them. Where I live, people are feeding them the deer carcasses that they threw out in the woods and ditches during deer season. The two across the street from my house and the  three directly behind my property line, are indicative how how many more there must be scattered  across the country side. It is not legal to dispose of deer carcasses in the weekly garbage pickup, so people dump them in the woods and on the sides of the road.

There were so many gunshots behind my property this winter it sounded like a war zone.  Undoubtedly many of those shots either landed, missed or more likely, wounded either permanently or fatally many deer. The lost and wounded deer become coyote food. Where there is food, there will be coyotes. Gut piles, deer hit by cars and killed or wounded add to the available food for coyotes.

People in the suburbs often toss out food scraps for the deer, squirrels, raccoons- whatever might be trotting by.  Many of them don’t realize that coyotes are also enjoying the handouts.  Coyotes love goodies like vegetables, fruits, pumpkins, birthday cake, cookies, pizza crust, etc…  though they may not to be intending to attract coyotes, they are.