Trixi Humanely Euthanized at 16 yrs.

TrixiIt was clear Friday morning that Trixi’s time had come.   She had lived a long, happy and useful life here at Fox Wood, being a foster mom for lonely orphaned wild fox pups.  You should have seen the babies reactions when Trixi entered the pen every Spring! They loved their new Mom and she loved them back.  It was often difficult to get Trixi to eat enough during the summers and she would always lose weight because  at feeding time, she would pick up the food and give it all to the babies rather than eat any herself.  Trixi would always get a bit depressed at the end of summer when the pups were taken to the soft-release site.  What a wonderful fox she was!  We will never be able to replace her as the loving Momma to the babies.  God Bless you Trixi!