Sad Dog Rescued from Highway

This poor dog was dumped along a busy expressway. She was stiff from being hit by a car, and living off road killed deer.  She ran from anyone who tried to lure her or catch her.  We became proactive and  set up a feeding station for her, and when we saw her actually eating the food at the station, she was trapped just a few days later.  She is now living at Fox Wood and learning how to trust humans again!

219 stray

She is the little brown blob in the middle of the hill of rocks.  This is as close as we could get to her in a car. Photographing her on foot was impossible because we couldn’t get this close


In the trap, growling and frightened because she is worried about her fate


She was a bag of bones

Brown Dog

Just a few weeks later: Happy at Fox Wood.  She has free roam of the house and yard. She loves our other dogs, loves car rides and loves to go for walks at the park with her pals.  She has gained considerable weight and has been dewormed, de-flead, and will be spayed soon. She is a very young dog that plays like a puppy. It is especially rewarding when she comes running to us now, instead of running away in fear as she did at first. We are so glad that we noticed this sweet dog curled up by the expressway fence and decided to take action to help her!