Please Help Mend our Clinic

Our Observatory Clinic is in desperate need! Due to a combination of heavy water damage, squirrels, and dog and cat damage we were forced to gut our clinic and re-do it completely. We have re-insulated and run new electric and water, but now have run out of funds to finish it. In hindsight, we never should have gutted it before getting the estimate to put it back together.  It is a mess and we have been without our clinic since June.  We desperately need funds to put it back together again – drywall, wood paneling, Paint, lights, new windows, a new floor and repairs around the door are desperately needed.  We aren’t able to employ Scouts for the work needed from here on since this type of work calls for professionals.  The estimate to complete this work is $12,000.  We welcome donations by contractors to complete this work.