Was it Really Feral Dogs and Not Coyotes?

Coyotes are blamed for a lot of things that they do not do, that is a fact.  Recently a local New York farmer believed that coyotes attacked calves in his barn at night.  Due to the fact that the calves were bitten all over and not actually eaten or dragged away and devoured, leads experts to believe that it was actually free roaming dogs.  Dogs bite and chase and will go after multiple animals.  Dogs chase and kill for fun.  A coyote “MO” is different.  They take one and eat what they kill- either right there or by dragging it off.

Some late-breaking news on the case of the Chautauqua County Fred J. Cusimano Westside Overland Trail regarding the  two dogs that were killed while running  free while their owner snowshoed on a remote wildlife trail… I am currently investigating a reliable report that these were not coyotes that attacked the labs and killed them, but rather a pack  feral dogs that had been causing problems in the area for a period of time.  I will be investigating this and if I find out that it was indeed wild dogs, I will be sure to contact the media and make sure they do a factual report on this new information.  I will either confirm or deny this report after some research.