A Sad Start to the Spring Baby Season

I am saddened to write that the first two young fox pups that were brought to Fox Wood this spring had to be euthanized.  Their Momma and a dead litter mate were found in a den by a concerned farmer.  The two hungry  pups, along with the deceased mom and pup were brought to us Sunday night April 9th.  Monday morning I submitted the deceased adult and pup to the County Health department for rabies testing. The adult came back positive.  Because of the fact that momma probably licked and cared for her pups before she died, the chances that they would also come down with rabies is very good.  Wednesday evening the remaining two pups were humanely put down by a local vet.  They will also be submitted for rabies testing.  Rabies in Western New York Red foxes is not nearly as common as it is in Raccoons.  Some folks will be needing their rabies post exposure shots for sure.  Rabies is a horrible disease and not worth taking chances with.  I will keep  posting when results for these two come back.